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Why I dive








Diving is a new experience and gives new life-quality.

I started diving last September after quitting relationship with a Turkish diving instructor, who never tried to instruct me. It was the best decision in my life (doing the OWD and also quitting relationship :)) I enjoy floating and feeling myself hovering in water and hearing the bubbles of my exhalation and it makes me feel happy. I’ve got a lot of new friends now and a lot of new, wonderful underwater experiences. My first time diving in the sea was an incredibly nice experience.

Thanks for this post and video! Wish you always pleasant and healthy dives!

Karin Schiller

Tales of a Florida Scuba Diver

Why dive? Why divers dive.

Why do I dive? A good friend and dive buddy of mine just wrote a blog about why he dives and it is quite true and compelling for those that have never dove in the warm waters off Florida and the Caribbean. But for other divers there are many more reasons why they, as do I, dive.

Many Reasons

First, diving tests you. Initially, diving can be quite stressful. I’d say over 50% of people who pay with time and money for an open water scuba certification stop diving within the first year. This is because they never get over the stress of continued learning (after certification). There are several reasons for this – the main reason I suggest is the lack of dive buddies with which to dive. This is a totally bogus reason because all divers enjoy diving and typically the more the…

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  1. We are doing it already 😉

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